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Seena Features

Share Activities

Seena lets you find buddies to share activities with. Connect with othersfa fa-handshake-o around you who share your interests.

Explore Activities

Discover the most popular activities for Seena users in your area. Try something new - who knows, you just might like it!

Find Professionals

Connect with professional trainers & instructors offering their services for activities and skills that interest you.

Exchange Skills

Are you a native Spanish speaker who wants to learn guitar? Find a Seena user to exchange these skills with.

Join or Plan Events

Bored on the weekend? Find fun events to join near you or just create your own and invite awesome Seena users to join.

Friendly & Safe

Seena's rating feature keeps Seena full of high quality, safe members. You can rate users after sharing an activity.


Jogging Buddy

Jogging Buddy

Ahmed and Robert connected on Seena because they both wanted a jogging buddy in their area. They both improved their time and kept each other more motivated.

Pilates for French

Pilates for French

Cecilia and Amelie connected on Seena because Emily wanted to learn Pilates, and Cecilia wanted to improve her French.

Salsa Event

Salsa Event

Lizzy and Jack met at Natalie's free salsa event that they both joined on Seena, they've been salsa partners ever since.